Advantages of Tensile Structure

Why Use Tensile Fabric Structure:-

The advantages of tensile structures are now known to both owners and developers globally. Shadeco India can create aesthetic tensile structures for amphitheaters, car parking spaces, walkway coverage, for athletic fields and more. The tensile structures form Shadeco India provide excellent opportunities for covered areas and the versatility of the structure creates a visual focus of attention.

Flexible Design Aesthetics – The fabric membrane has unique flexible characteristics and this gives us an opportunity to experiment with its form to create iconic tensile structures.

Outstanding Translucency- The tensile fabric membranes are translucent and hence provide excellent daytime light, making the space below comfortable and inviting.

Shortened Construction Schedules- By using proper methodologies and special contractors, we at Shadeco India make the process of installation faster and cost effective.

Excellent Durability- Tensile structures are made using a combination of various design materials due to which these last for a few decades and can also withstand extreme climates.

Cost Benefits- Tensile structures are light weight and are economical when compared to the traditional building materials.

Low Maintenance- Tensile membrane structures have always been a low maintenance projects for the clients. Clients can also opt for after sales maintenance services provided by Shadeco India.

Long Span Structures- The tensile membrane structures require fewer structures to support the roof, thus providing the needed column free space.

Earthquake Resistant- The tensile structures are light weight are have low building load and are elastic. All these features make them earthquake resistant.
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