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Shadeco India is a specialist in the manufacturing of high-quality tensile structures, and offer services in installation and maintenance of the same. We provide innovative tensile fabric structures that are suitable for industries, residences, schools, stadiums, gardens and more. Our years of experience and our expert staff help us create inspiring tensile structures that exceed our client’s expectations.
Tensile structures that are designed and manufactured by Shadeco India can transform any space, providing it with an excellent visual appeal. We follow an easy manufacturing process, and our in-house team ensures to deliver only the best. The services we offer include initial consultation, designing, fabrication, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of the tensile structure. We also create tailor-made fabric tensile structures to match the requirements of our clients.
Tensile fabric structures use a stretched fabric material in a three-dimensional surface which can potentially be used to create shading, roof, and decorative components by tensioning it to the cables.
In addition, they are constructed using a specialized fabric that is put into tension such that the self-weight can be easily supported. Besides this, they can eventually take care of the load as well and thus provides very cost-effective solutions and indeed covers very large distances without any kind of intermediate supports.
A fabric material in general consists of three important components i.e. coating, fabric substrate, and the top coating.
So, today in the following blog we would be covering the properties, types, and advantages of the Tensile Fabric Structures. So, let us have a look at it in the paragraphs to follow: –
What are the properties of tensile fabric structures?
There a lot of properties of tensile fabric structures. Some of them has been mentioned below: –

Tensile strength : Tensile strength is known to be the basic indicator of the relative strength. It is perhaps fundamental for the architectural fabrics that primarily function in tension.

Tear strength : If a fabric breaks down, then tear strength is quite important to consider. In general, it does so by tearing.

Flame retardancy : The fabric which has flame-retardant coating present in it is likely to withstand the hot point source quite easily. However, if there is a large ignition source present, then chances are that it can still get burned.

Flexibility : Tensile fabric structure can be very well used in the building construction as it is made using flexible material.

Adhesion strength  : It is the measure of the bond strength between the coating and the base material. It is quite useful in measuring the welded joints strength for connecting the fabric strips into the fabricated assembly.