Why are Tensile Membrane Structures Perfect for Wilderness

Tensile membrane Structures


The developers and owners across the geographical location have discovered many advantages of Tensile Membrane Structures as compared to traditional shade structures. 

Tensile structures are quite durable as they develop many properties such as technical fabrication, tailored design, and advanced engineering. Tensile structures are designed, keeping the end-users in mind. They are quite comfortable, and they are bound to last for an extended period, and they can easily sustain the harsh environmental conditions.

Tensile membrane structures are quite perfect for the amphitheater, walkway coverage, stadium, parking shade, and the construction of an athletic field. 

So, let us look at the reasons why the Tensile membrane structures are perfect for the wilderness. 

  1. Flexibility

Tensile fabric structures are quite versatile in nature and are quite suited for the outdoors. It is a free-standing structure and thus it acts as a very good solar barrier when applied to shade sails and fly-outs. In addition, it can be easily demounted and it can be rapidly deployable. It is quite favored for site flexibility and market. It also has a flexible membrane structure that can easily withstand desert conditions.

2. Ventilation, Insulation and Thermal Comfort

Tensile membrane structures offer structural performance solutions. In addition, it uses sealed fabric systems that create thermally efficient habitable spaces.  Fabric facades, walls, blinds offer visual privacy as well as provides thermal and acoustic comfort throughout different site-specific and climatic conditions.

The mesh wall opening and permeable gable promotes cross ventilation and thus offering optimum control all year round.  The noisy fabric flapping which is common with synthetic and traditional products is eradicated by the fabric systems which are installed under the tension.

3. It is quite light in logistics

Tensile structures offer logistical simplicity for remote locations. It comes with compact and prefabricated lightweight components which can easily be transported and it requires less time and smaller teams as compared to heavy bricks and mortar construction. Thus, it offers high energy efficiency, commercialization, and low environmental impact.

4. Durability

Tensile structures come in high strength-to-weight ratio and perhaps flexible spanning capability which is quite suited for wilderness hospitality applications. The design life of the tensile fabric structure can last for more than 10 years and it is useful in a lot of conditions.

The tensile structure uses UV stabilizers which help in protecting the base cloth and colorfastness and perhaps slowing down the rate of degradation. Besides this, it can easily withstand extreme humidity, solar exposure, and temperature fluctuations and at the same time, it maintains the integrity of the fabric.

It can also perform in sand storms, windy conditions, snow, and heavy rainfall. It also has built-in fire retardants which can self-extinguish when it is exposed to flame.  It plays a very crucial role in the conservation areas where the fire risk is known as the primary consideration.

5. Quicker installation

These days proper and technologically advanced construction is used for the tensile architecture and hence the installation of tensile membrane structures is quite fast and cost-effective if you compare it with other traditional structures.

The manufacturing of the tensile shade structure occurs offsite in steel workshops and specialist membrane fabrication. Further, the steelwork, membrane, cables, and all the other parts are finished up and then taken to the actual site. Finally, the actual site work can be completed quite quickly without any kind of disruptions from the public or any other trades.

It is designed specifically for semi-permanent to permanent structures and thus it is not at all ideal for temporary events but at the same time, it is indeed an excellent alternative to brick and mortar structures.

6. It offers bright daylighting

Tensile membrane structures are quite translucent and thus they provide a lot of daytime light underneath and thus making it quite comfortable and inviting.

7. Low Maintenance

Membrane structures are known to be quite low maintenance as compared to traditional structures and hence you would certainly get the complete value for the money. All the other structures prove to be quite costly and they may cause a lot of disruption.

8. Lightweight Nature

 If you are looking to cover up the large areas of space, then the Tensile Fabric structure is indeed ideal for you. The Tensile Fabric structure is quite lightweight and thus it can provide you with cost-effective solutions that can be used for long span applications and thus it can give you the possibility of column-free space.

Hence, due to this reason, the tensile fabric structures require less structural steel support as compared to the traditional building products and thus it reduces the project cost for the clients.

9. Good Reflection and UV Absorbing Properties

Tensile Structures are known to have quite good UV reflection and absorbing properties. This potentially means it can provide comfortable light levels as well as safe shade to all the users.

Since it comes with unique properties of light transmission and reflectance and hence it can offer a whole new possibility for the lighting after the dark.

They are also translucent and hence it allows for light transmission of about 10%. Hence, it provides a very good level of illumination as compared to other structures.

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