Amphitheater Shade Structures

We offer a variety of outdoor shade structure from which you can select the type that fits according to your space and need. We design, manufacture, and build custom shade sails, canopies, including tensile car parking, atrium tensile structure, covered fabric walkway, courtyard shade sails, and any types of tensile shade for commercial and residential purposes.

Basic Technical Specifications:

  • Base Fabric: PES low-wick
  • Yarn: 1100 dtex
  • Thickness: Usually 0.05mm – 0.82mm
  • Weight (GSM): 700 – 1500g Per Square Meter
  • Temperature Resistance: -50 /+70 (Degree Celsius)
  • Tensile Strength (Wrap/Weft): 2400-4200 (4200/4000 N/5CM)
  • Tear Strength (Wrap/Weft): 270-580N
  • Adhesion: 140 (N/5 cm (EN ISO 2411)
  • Fire Rating: B1/DIN 4102 (900g/SQM)
  • Color Fastness: Min 7 (EN ISO 105-B02)
  • Wind Load: 169.2 km/h (47 m/s) (Indian Standard)
  • Warranty- 7 – 15 Years


The amphitheater needs to be stylish and functional and needs to provide shade and comfortable seating to the spectators. If you are looking for unique and durable innovative amphitheater shade structures, your search ends right here. ShadeCo India, one of the largest manufactures of tensile structures in India, creates fabulous shade structures and provides support to its customers with the design, installation, and maintenance.

We offer a variety of outdoor shade structures from which you can select the type that fits according to your space and need. We design, manufacture, and build prime quality custom sunshades, canopies, including car parking tensile structures, gazebo tensile structures, pagoda tents, walkway tensile structures, and courtyard tensile structures.

Features: Amphitheater Shade Structures

  • Polyester Anti-Wicking
  • PVC Coated
  • Weldable PVDF Lacquer
  • Fungicide Finish
  • Water Proof
  • Increased UV-Resistance
  • High-Gloss Embossed
  • Flame Retardant

ShadeCo India provides immense styles in amphitheater shades, providing the customers with the liberty to choose based on their requirements. We provide pre-made structures, or our customers can get one designed just for their amphitheater. The tensile structures are ideal for small and large spaces as they can easily seat a good number of people, and the extra space can be used to store the equipment.

Our team at ShadeCo India understands why tensile structures are of utmost importance to commercial spaces. Tensile structures have gained immense popularity in recent times owing to their ease of installation and maintenance. We provide innovative, amphitheater shade structures and shade sails that are elegant and very functional. All our tensile structures are weather protectors and hence are preferred for shading solutions by customers worldwide.

Tensile shades can be added to both new and old establishments. They not only enhance the visual appeal of the space but also increase its value. These are ideal if you plan to give a fresh look or a make-over to an existing amphitheater. These are highly durable and robust thanks to quality fibers and fiberglass, pliable cables, and wires.

Amphitheater shade structures are perfect for spaces that host live shows, or matches, or engage in live screening. There are cantilever shade structures, gazebos, and inverted umbrellas to choose from. They can act as stylish add-ons to the shade structures.

Our team at Shadeco India starts the process by calculating the total area to be covered. The design team works on designing the shade structure, which is then shared with the customer. We also follow an ergonomic method to calculate the cost, thus providing stylish shade structures at the most affordable price.

We manufacture a huge variety of canopies, swimming pool sun sheds, entrance canopy, atrium tensile, playground shade structures, auditorium tensile structures, and stadium tensile structures. We manufacture some of the related products are badminton court shade, tensile fabric structure, architectural tensile structure, window awnings, residential and commercial shade structures.

Our team can help create custom-made amphitheater tensile shades, which use high-quality membranes that hold forte for more than a decade. All our shade structures are permanent structures that are safe to be left outside all day!

Our shade structures are designed in a way to suit and withstand any climatic condition. These protect the spectators from the harmful rays of the sun and provide them with shade, warmth, and natural light. We also offer eco-friendly sunshades, which are made using cotton membranes. The other products we manufacture include garden shades, walkway structures, canopies, and more.

All the shade structures manufactured by ShadeCo India have used fewer obstacles, allowing the visitors to have a prominent view of the event or the game. These structures complement the stadium or the theater and boost their recognition. As these are durable, you can rest assured that a tensile structure will undoubtedly last for many events to come.


High-Quality Halls and Tents, Textile Constructions, Structures, Events, Hospitality, Institutional, Transportation, Retail, Exhibition, Truck Cover and can be used in many areas.

Tensile fabric structures are well known for their strength and flexibility. This is what makes them the ideal choice for a stadium or amphitheater. Contact our team today to know about the various styles of amphitheater shade structures we manufacture!


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