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Application for Tensile Structures

Tensile structures can be applied to use in various sectors as they are light weight and flexible. Due to these factors, they can be used nearly anywhere and anytime. Shadeco India boosts of quick manufacturing, and installation which are combined with innovative designs. The application of tensile membrane structures is endless and these can be used for schools, commercial spaces, gardens, as walkways and more. The structures are trendy and thus compliment both old and new architecture.
Tensile structures can be used by building owners who are in constant search of something unique to improve their facilities. Tensile structures not only add to the visual appeal of the premises but it also helps to keep the customers happy. These can be used in walkways, near the entrance or as shades for outdoor seating.
Shadeco India undertakes simple to complex projects that are suitable for residential application. Be it architectural umbrellas or large scale structures, our design team can create an innovative structures to meet your requirements. Our projects are designed based on your location and the needs and we offer everything from stylish home shades to large scale parking and pool shades.
Are tensile structures ideal for institutes? Well, if you are wondering how they can be applied, think again. Tensile structures can be used to cover the playgrounds, the walkways and of course the stadiums. These can also be used for parking lots and near the entrance to create a welcoming experience.
Stadium Roofs
The stadiums not only need to provide shelter for the players but also need to cover the space where the audience is seated. Clients get to choose from custom tensile structures that suit the needs of stadiums that host a wide variety of games or sports.
Performance and Event
Having a proper shade for performance and event spaces is a must these days. We offer tensile structures that can cover small to large spaces in innovative designs. Our tensile structures are wind resistant and UV resistance and are translucent too.
Exhibition Structures
Shadeco India provides temporary tensile structures that can be used for various events and exhibitions. Our clients get to choose from the structures based on their size, color and design. Easily installed, these structures can be removed and moved to other spaces without any trouble.
Outdoor Cafe’ Covers and Canopies
Outdoor café owners are always in look out for durable covers that withstand the wear and tear that comes with time. With the tensile structures from Shadeco India, you can be rest assured about the long life of the shade and your customers too are protected from UV radiation, rain, sun and wind.
The hospitality industry is always looking for a innovative change that helps improve their customer experience. The hotels today relay of creating the best impression and the designer tensile structures help you achieve that without a hassle. An old hotel can undergo a major transformation and can be used for events as well. Our structures are aesthetically pleasing and also provide additional space for events.
Use of tensile structures and shades has been increased by leaps and bounds in the transportation industry. These can be used to cover the vehicle parking spaces, the walkways and the arrival and departure terminals as well.
The retail market which is always looking for a change can make the best use of tensile membrane structures. These add to the overall look of the store and provide a comfortable experience to the shoppers as well. Tensile structures can be used near the car parking areas, outdoors and more.
Performance Area
Tensile structures can be used as shades for spaces where performances are held. The stage can be covered using tensile fabric structures to protect the equipment used by the band and the spectators as well. Tensile fabric structures can be used for band shells or amphitheatres as well.
The application of tensile structures in industries is unlimited. These shades can be used to cover large scale equipment. You can choose from shades that provide the very basic shade and shelter, all of which are created to provide protection to your equipment and goods. Customers can also use tensile structures to expand their office space.
Parks and Recreation
Parks and gardens need proper shades where people can not only spend time but also seek shelter when required. Our tensile structures are wind resistant and are water proof can withstand the worst of climatic changes.

Restaurants and hotels are always looking for innovative ways to make their customers happy. Expanding the space can be a major challenge but the same can be solved with the use of tensile structures. These can be used to offer a very unique experience to your customers and also protect them from weather elements.

If you are looking for creative tensile membrane structures, which not only limit to weather protection, contact Shadeco India today!