Walkway Tensile Structures

With 15+ years of experience in the design, engineering, manufacture, and installation of tensile fabric structures. We provide complete turnkey Design & Build service for tensile structures, car parking shade, walkway tensile structure, amphitheater shade structures, stadium shade structures, sunshade, and shade sails.

Basic Technical Specifications:

  • Base Fabric: PES low-wick
  • Yarn: 1100 dtex
  • Thickness: Usually 0.05mm – 0.82mm
  • Weight (GSM): 700 – 1500g Per Square Meter
  • Temperature Resistance: -50 /+70 (Degree Celsius)
  • Tensile Strength (Wrap/Weft): 2400-4200 (4200/4000 N/5CM)
  • Tear Strength (Wrap/Weft): 270-580N
  • Adhesion: 140 (N/5 cm (EN ISO 2411)
  • Fire Rating: B1/DIN 4102 (900g/SQM)
  • Color Fastness: Min 7 (EN ISO 105-B02)
  • Wind Load: 169.2 km/h (47 m/s) (Indian Standard)
  • Warranty- 7 – 15 Years


Walkway tensile structures are mostly used in areas where the path or the walkway needs to have an ornate. The walkway canopies have found their place in residential buildings. Most homeowners love to use these in the entrance or the backyard of their little home.

ShadeCo India manufactures walkway tensile structures that add beauty to your house and add value to your property. When used with the right lighting, these tensile structures can transform a dull backyard into something magical.

Features: Walkway Tensile Structures

  • Polyester Anti-Wicking
  • PVC Coated
  • Weldable PVDF Lacquer
  • Fungicide Finish
  • Water Proof
  • Increased UV-Resistance
  • High-Gloss Embossed
  • Flame Retardant

ShadeCo India is the leading manufacturer and distributor of shade structures. We design, manufacture, and install prime quality fabric sunshades, canopies including event structures, car parking tensile structures, gazebo tensile structures, walkway canopies, pagoda tents, courtyard tensile structures, amphitheater shade structures.

The tensile structures are designed from scratch if required, and these can be used to cover a large area. The pathway shade structures protect the on-goers from the harsh climate like sunlight, rain, or snow. All the tensile shades are manufactured with the utmost care. They are installed by using a few columns, reducing any unwanted obstacles.

Walkway tensile structures are made using high-quality material and thus are quite sturdy and durable. These not only withstand every weather condition for years but do not require a replacement if maintained well. We provide tensile sunshades in various sizes, designs, and colors, and the tensile walkway structures are no exception. This is one of the many reasons why these are just perfect to be used in any location.

We provide various kinds of tensile walkway structures. Our customers get to choose from freestanding and wall-mounted shades, to meet the requirements of one and all. Our customers get to choose from contemporary and modern styles, or we can custom create one for them based on their needs. Those who are looking for traditional ones can opt for standard designs available. These are simple yet provide an opportunity to add a little extra space.

Walkway canopies, made by ShadeCo India can be integrated easily with the existing design of your space. When maintained well, these structures last for at least a decade or more. The tensile structures also filter the sunlight and make the area under the shade bright and lively. These offer shade and keep temperatures under control during hot summers, making them the best add-on for your outdoors. These are often used in parks, shopping malls, offices, schools, colleges, and more.

Suppose you have always been looking to have a walkway tensile structure that looks welcoming and visually stunning. In that case, you certainly need to check out the designs of ShadeCo India. We have made our way to become the leading supplier of tensile structures of high quality and durability. Some of the products manufactured by us are covered walkway shades, canopies, metal sidewalk shades, steel walkway shades, and more.

We offer various high-quality canopies, entrance canopy, swimming pool sun shed, atrium tensile structures, auditorium tensile structures, playground shade structures, and stadium tensile structures. Some of the other products we supply are cantilever shade structures, inverted umbrellas,  tensile fabric structures, architectural tensile structures, playground shade structures, window awnings, commercial, and residential shade structures.

Our customers can also choose the right material for their tensile structures. All the membranes we use for our tensile structures are strong, flexible, and durable. They are weather-resistant too and elegant at the same time. We also offer these structures in various colors to match the exteriors of the building. All you need to do to get started is visit our office and discuss your requirements with your design and manufacturing team. We create a design, which, once approved by the customer, is sent for manufacturing.

Application: Tensile Structure

High-Quality Halls and Tents, Textile Constructions, Structures, Events, Hospitality, Institutional, Transportation, Retail, Exhibition, Truck Cover and can be used in many areas.

This membrane fulfills all the characteristics required for textile architecture. The Anti-Wicking fabric consists of high-strength polyester yarn. Due to the selection of material components, it is ensured that our material is Anti-Wicking, flame retardant, and has permanent fungicidal protection. The weldable surface sealing based on PVDF protects the fabric against any environmental influences. This membrane is used for architectural projects and large halls.

So, do you have a design in mind for a walkway tensile structure? If yes, do give us a call right away!


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